Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adios, Summer

We are sad to say that Summer is coming to an end for us in Yakima.  The night air already has a crispness that whispers Fall.  School starts soon and we will be on our way in wishing Summer back.  I like Fall, I love the newness of school supplies and the celebration of new faces, personalities - a new challenge.  In honor of the beginning of school (and Natalie going back to school for her Doctoral degree) we have put together a few things we love right now:

    • We both love The Help, and there is a movie to boot.  
    • I just recently found the band She and Him, and I have been listening to them around the house non stop.   
    •  I just read Like Water for Chocolate when I was traveling.  It is an interesting book that intertwines a beautiful story - a Mexican folk tale - with the art of cooking and family recipes.  

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